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A veterinary guide to health control, medication use and the development of race fitness for the competitive fancier

As with Dr Walker’s earlier books, practical information based on sound veterinary knowledge is presented in an easy-to-read format.

Topics covered include the common diseases and their management, how to develop race fitness, the selection of birds for the race team, race preparation and recovery protocols, disease control during the racing and breeding seasons and the causes of poor race performance. The interpretation of physical changes observed in the birds, together with the changes in the birds’ behaviour and droppings are discussed from both a management and veterinary point of view. Information on loft design and feeding and extensive coverage of modem medications available to the fancier are also given.

Dr Zsolt Talaber
PIGEONS and Their Economical Health Care

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The Knox Bird Veterinary Clinic

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Dr. Colin Walker
, Australia, avian veterinarian and pigeon racer, a great authority in pigeon health management

"Having just completed reading Dr Talaber's excellent book, I am most impressed. So much of what is published regarding pigeons is not scientific, based on personal experience only, or quite simply inaccurate. Not so here. Here we have a wealth of accurate, modern advice and information, presented in an easy-to-read format."

Dr. Gordon Chalmers, Canada, world renowned pigeon racer, veterinarian

I think veterinarians and fanciers alike will benefit from the experience you have poured into this book. ...There are many useful tips, ideas and suggestions in this work - for example, the use of apple cider vinegar when using the tetracycline class of antibiotics (a very good practical point).
You have provided a very good list of products that are retained in the intestine, that is, they are not absorbed into the blood stream.
...Over all, I find your book to be very useful, certainly for me, but also for all veterinarians who work with pigeons. I will put to good use when I discuss diseases with fanciers at meetings or on the telephone

Ad Schaerlaeckens, Holland, "The Uncrowned King of Orleans"

...This book is a real refreshment. When you start reading it is hard to stop. To me it looks like a kind of handbook that every fancier should have...
... Personally I have hundreds of pigeon books in several languages. This is one of the few that I can strongly advise everybody to read. It will make him a better racer...
...Once more congratulations. I have much respect for all the work you did on behalf of all people that like pigeons and pigeon sport.

Steven van Breemen, Winning Magazine, Holland

...The contents of your book is very refreshing as it deals with new ideas with regard to old diseases and subjects hardly mentioned in pigeon books up till now. Pigeon fanciers nowadays are using too much medicines. Not that their birds are sick, but to just to prevent them from being sick and some fanciers even use it to make their birds fly faster. A wrong thought. In your book you inform them exactly about the dangers they are facing because of medicine abuse.

I can really recommend this book to any fancier interested in economical health care of their birds. 

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