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Australian Pigeon
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+ 61 3 9764 9000

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1 George St, Scoresby, Victoria 3179, Australia,

The Australian Pigeon Company and Aussie Bird Vet Pty Ltd are operated by avian veterinarian Dr Colin Walker.  Dr Walker is based at the Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic. At this bird-only veterinary clinic, many bird owners with their birds are seen each day and also many phone and email inquiries are received from aviculturalists throughout Australia and indeed the world. The staff are happy to give advice over the phone to pigeon fanciers, bird keepers and local vets.  If needed, bird fanciers can mail droppings or dead birds for diagnostic work.  Live birds can also be sent in via courier for diagnosis and treatment.  The Australian Pigeon Company and Aussie Bird Vet manufacture a small range of prescription medications and health supplements specifically for birds. The aim is to produce quality products that will be of real use to the bird keeper based on current veterinary knowledge and at an affordable cost.

For product information, local stockists, veterinary advice or to place orders. Products can be dispatched world-wide and when sent airmail, usually reach their destination in only a few days.

A full range of pharmaceutical treatments for canker, respiratory infection and worms, etc, together with all Australian Pigeon Company and
Aussie Bird Vet products are available.

Factory-medication mixing rooms

Factory-packaging product prior to shipment
Dr Walker at a Pet Expo promoting the sport of pigeon racing
Some famous international and Australian
visitors to Dr Walker’s lofts
The Australian Pigeon Company provides
products and veterinary expertise for many
one loft events-in this case the Queensland Cup
Dr Walker and nurse Michelle operate
on a pigeon
Head nurse, Marcia McDonald,
making sense of it all.
Factory-preparing product for shipment Vet students assisting at a pigeon training liberation
Scenes from Dr Walker’s bird only veterinary clinic, “The Knox Bird Veterinary Clinic
Factory-work floor scenes  
Factory-mixer and sieve used in preparations of products such as Doxy-T and Turbosole.